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In today’s article we will be reviewing the Tattoo Aftercare.

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I truly believe that if you care for your tattoo properly, your tattoo will retain more color and stay looking as vibrant as it did when you got your first tattoo. Tattoo artists can literally tell how many times someone has washed their tattoos and how many times they have used their tattoo aftercare kit.

Any 'real' tattooist will tell you that washing the tattoo too often will dry it out and will shrink the overall size of it. But the original developer of this tattoo aftercare kit explains that washing your tattoo too much will not shrink it but rather look as though you washed it too much. In other words, do not wash it too often, it will just look as though you washed it too often.

I really like the fact that this is a small family driven business. The founder of the company started this because he was tired of not having the best products out there, and he did not want to pay for products that he could make himself. He took the time to make sure that everything was clean and just did not want to pay the extra money for the cleansers that he felt were unnecessary at the time.

Ora's Amazing Herbal is another example of a company that is looking to give back to the community. Because he is a small business owner himself, he wanted to give back to the community that ultimately supported the success of his small business, and he decided to give back in the form of his own small business' success. I believe that this comes across as authentic because there is no 'fake' altruism in this company whatsoever.

The bulk of the business washes the bulk of the herbs, in bulk, and ships them out to make the final product. Many times ingredients will get added to the product in the aftercare kit that is not on the list – for example, Ora uses some lavender in the final product because he thinks it helps to calm down the healing process, but the ingredient list will not have lavender due to the fact that the ingredient had to be added for the actual final product.

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