Hush Anesthetic Tattoo numbing Gel More Powerful than Numbing Cream Review

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Today's review is going to look at the Hush Anesthetic Tattoo numbing Gel More Powerful than Numbing Cream.

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Our rating: 8 / 10

Cost: $$

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  • Heals tattoos faster than numbing cream
  • Potent formula
  • Convenient for people who travel very often or want to carry it during tattoos
  • Lightweight
  • Allergy-free. Non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan
  • Fastest acting for tattoos and piercings
  • Can be used for more than 10 times


  • Not suitable for all types of sensitive skin
  • Expensive than other numbing creams
  • Not totally clear. More of an orange gel than transparent
  • Child-resistant cap can be hard to take off

The Hush Anesthetic Tattoo numbing gel doesn't matter what brand, you need a tattoo aftercare product. This one from Hush is very similar to 10% Benadryl tattoo numbing cream and you can get the same performance from this one as you can from the cream. It is also very simple to both apply and get off.

This numbing gel on its own is very good and actually finishes off the tattoo, just make sure that you clean it up properly first, because that will make up a lot of the work. If you use this on its own, then after you remove it, you can use Benadryl 10% tattoo cream under it to lock the Hush in, so that the next day, or the day after that, the tattoo will be healed.

As with all numbing cream, this one will last a long time. If you have a medium-complexity tattoo, you can use this one all day and then apply some Benadryl 10%, and you'll be fine all night. If you have a simple tattoo, then you can use this one twice and then use Benadryl twice and you'll still be good for the night.

The Hush Anesthetic Tattoo numbing gel is definitely something you should consider when you are getting a tattoo, if you are getting a tattoo then it makes sense to go with this one as long as you don't mind the Benadryl.

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